Getting Married!

Next month, I will be married. I have told others off and on how I met my beautiful fiancée, but now I want to tell more on a wider format, and it will only be from my point of view, not hers.

Back in 2012, I was a member of the swing dance club at ISU as a Heartland student, and as winter break was approaching and finals right around the corner, the club threw a winter dance. It started roughly at 8 PM, ended roughly at 11 PM. Afterwards, there was a blues dance after party until 3 AM.

I showed up with my friends, and the swing music started. I was enjoying the music, talking and dancing with my friends on one half of the dance floor. At around 9 PM, one of my friends saw that a group of women from Bradley University were on the other side of the dance floor, grabbed me by my shoulders, and pushed me towards the Bradley women. I tried to catch my balance, but I was not doing well at that, so I grabbed the first woman I could out of the group to regain my balance. Luckily for me, grabbing this woman was much smoother than my flailing around for balance. As I grabbed her, I said "We are going to dance now." She responded, "O--okay!"

Assuming she was from Bradley, I said, "So, I hear you are from Bradley."

She looked at me confused and responded, "Um, no. I go to ISU."

We got to talking a bit more. She said that she was a part of the Doctor Who fan club, a biology major, loves Sci-fi, classic rock, and also swing dancing. Great! I love Doctor Who as well! I used to be a physics major, so I love science. Sci-fi is one of my favorite TV genres, I grew up on classic rock, and I clearly love swing. Needless to say, we hit it off quite well.

After meeting at 9 PM, we danced for the rest of the night together, including the blues after party until 3 AM. Two weeks later, we started dating. A year after we started dating, I proposed. She said yes. Now, we are going to be getting married. And yes, we still dance together.

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