Friday, June 17, 2016

The Angel Cried to the Lady Full of Grace or On Marrying Jordan

As of this post, the 2016 Paschal season is over and I am looking towards Pentecost (hush you Gregorian calendar users who celebrated Pentecost months ago).

When it comes to liturgical hymns for the Paschal season, my favorite is "The Angel Cried" which is sung write near the end of the Eucharistic Prayer in the Divine Liturgy and before the Lord's Prayer, taking place of another Theotokian (Marian) hymn usually sung during this time. Listen here:

For me, it exceptionally captures the joy and elation of the season and its celebrations.

During this Paschal season, I got married to Jordan. Having grown up Latin Rite Catholic and not having any friends or family prior to my conversion to Orthodoxy that were Orthodox or Eastern Catholic, I had never been to an Orthodox wedding until my own, and had only watch YouTube videos of them. No amount of wedding planning or preparations truly prepared me for that day, especially emotionally.

When Jordan walked down the aisle to meet me in front of the iconostasis, the above hymn was sung by the choir. Now this hymn takes on a new meaning for me. Not only does it celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, the salvific action of Christ for His Bride (the Church), but now also celebrates the joining of myself to my bride. It now also celebrates the resurrection of myself, dead to Alex the bachelor, but risen anew as Alex the husband, called to lay everything, even my life, for Jordan.

Really, I just wanted to share a beautiful hymn, and now made even more meaningful for me.

Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!

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